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I am sure you will be interested into this service, you can keep your torrent traffic 100% private from your ISP, you can anonymize completely any torrent client software, including uTorrent, Vuze and BitTorrent. Make sure P2P spies cannot find your real IP address while downloading torrent files from private and public torrent trackers, hide your identity while using any torrent client software. And best of all, it works with operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.


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Download Torrents Anonymously

Protect your online identity when downloading torrents with a very fast and anonymous torrent proxy, proudly managed by HideMyAss VPN. This torrent proxy makes use of anonymous and secure SOCKS5 proxies that can effectively hide your real IP address (used to identify you) while using bittorrent software and keep your identity private when downloading files from any torrent trackers.

Support Windows, Mac, Ubuntu

This torrent VPN support any operating system, including Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista Seven, 8), Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu and more. Almost all bittorrent clients are also supported, in particular the most popular BitTorrent, Vuze and uTorrent (all versions). Configuring the torrent proxy is very easy, there is a good knowledgebase and a very documented help file that will help you to configure the VPN client in few seconds.

Supportes OSes
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How Torrent Proxy Works

As you already know, when you download a torrent, your IP address is logged by trackers that keep track of all IP addresses that have seeded or downloaded a torrent file. Also your ISP can detect that you are downloading torrent files. If you use a torrent VPN all the traffic is encrypted, and your ISP cannot detect that you are downloading torrent files, also your IP address is protected by the torrent proxy, and it will not be logged by trackers or other P2P spies.

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